Everything seemed like a dream
that all started with my mother.

My mom kept bugging me to look for a part time job. She told me that I am lazy and I should be earning my own money since I was 16 years old. I called my friend to go job hunting with me as looking for a job by myself is boring. I went to my friends house and I do not know what happened, but suddenly we were playing Playstation video games and another of our friends had joined us.

I have a tendancy
to always put everything off until tomorrow

I have a tendency to always put everything off until tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, I again put things off another day.

Since my mother had told me that she would not give me any more money, I, at some point found myself totally broke. Damn I'll never forget the day that reality hit me.

Honestly, the thought of working at McDonalds or a supermarket made me feel like a prisoner. Working meant that I would lose all my freedom. No more spending time with my friends. I just knew that I would have to work weekends and that is when I hangout with my friends the most.

People tell me that I have to make sacrafices if I am to earn a living. I guess I wouldn’t mind giving up my free time if I could find a job that I really liked. As Confusius said,..

„Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.“

Then I met Tumblr.

The beautiful pictures glowed in the evening light from my notebook. Tumblr and I were a perfect match and it was going to help me make money. It was last year when I decided to sell T-shirts online.


With the help of Tumblr, I started a Big Cartel Shop to sell the shirts from. With revenues from my first sales, I bought a camera with a flash head. With the camera, I was able to do much better work than the designs offered by the standard Big Cartel Shop. I found their t-shirt designs boring.

I don’t claim to be a great designer,
I just try to make them look as simple and clean as possible.

Since I print the t-shirts myself, I have more freedom in detail. I live in France now but I plan to use the money I make to open a shop in CALIFUCKNFORNIA.

Why California? Well, I spend most summers there and I love the air, the weather and the beaches.